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Other Products (please give us a call to confirm availability)

So many wonderful goodies for your garden and landscaping jobs. If we don't have what you're looking for, get in touch, we may be able to get it for you. We sell by the Bag, Scoop or Truck Load.

Gravels / Stones / Pavers / Edging


- Railroad sleepers (when available)

- Punga logs
- Hardwood timber 

- Garden beds made to order.

Soils / Composts / Fertilizers/Potting Mix

Bay Landscapes stocks topsoil, our extra special Fish Compost, Chicken Compost, Kinpac and Omega 3 Enriched Compost and Potting Mix. All composts are made onsite. We have a great selection of potting mix available with larger quantities made to order.

We stock Gro Safe Sprays for plant and soil health.

We have liquid fertiliser concentrates, made onsite. They include liquid seaweed, barley and fish.

We are distributors of Ravensdown fertilisers which is available in bulk or smaller quantities.



We have a variety of barks to choose from:

  • Forest Floor

  • Black Decor

  • Nugget 

  • Medium

  • 0.8 Bark Fines




  • Barley

  • Pea

  • Red Clover

Available in standard sized bales, large and reusable cardboard drums.

We also stock Meadow Hay.

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