NOTE: We will be uploading our range of plants/seeds this week (it's quite a job- haha!). In the meantimes, please make the rest of your order (or if it's only plants/seeds you want, please simply contact us with what you'd like) and include a note of the plants you'd ideally like to get. We'll communicate with you once we've received your order/wish list to confirm what is in stock. Thanks for your patience, this is something new for us. In general we have: Vege Seedlings, Flower Cells, Natives, Fruit Trees, Pungas and Ferns, Ground covers, Hedging, Hebes, Flowering Shrubs, Cover Crops for Winter (lupins etc...), A range of King Seeds and Lawn seed (loaded onto this site already). Depending on the season, we also have seed potatoes, yams, kumara, garlic and bulbs etc...




-COROKIA VARIETIES: Yellow Wonder, Mangatangi, Emerald Jade, Pipsqueak, Midnight, Sun Splash, Frosted Chocolate, Geentys Green, Beatsons Gold, Rusty

-ELAEAGNUS: Ebbingei, Limelight  |  COPROSMA: Pride 

-PHOTINIA: Robusta, Red Robin, Rubens (sml) - GRISELINA: Ardmore Emerald, Broadway Mint, Variegated, Littoralis, Canterbury, Cobb Valley -PITTOSPORUM: Silver Sheen, Wrinkle Blue, Bronze Glow, Variegated, Midget, Tuffet, Oliver Twist, Tandra Gold, Tenufolium, Frankies Folly, Green Ball, Jade, Stevens Island, Pixie

-HEBE: Odora, Nana, Decumbens, Rigidula, Quicksilver, Odora, Evenosa, Emerald Gem, Snowdrift, Wiri Mist, Spring Festival, Sutherlandii, Silver Queen, Icing Sugar, Wiri Cloud, Topiaria, Spaciosa, Karo Golden Esk, Red Edge, Elliptica  | CAREX: Dissita, Trifida, Solindria  |  LOMANDRA: Lime Tuff, Tanika

-CHIONOCHIOA: Flavicans  |  DIERAMA: Pendulum Pink  |   DIANELLA: Sea Spray, Nigra

-CABBAGE TREE (Ti Kouka)  |   PHORMIUM: Tenax Bronze, Purpureum, Jack Sprat, Cookianun, Jester, Golden Ray, Apricot Queen, Cream Delight

-PACHYSTEGIA: Rufa, Insignis |  OPHEOPOGON: Japonicus, Black Dragon, Nanus

-COLEONEMA: Sunset Gold BUXUS: Variegated, Sempervirens, Green Globe

-AGAPANTHUS: Streamline, Tinkerbell

Other Plants & Seeds

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