Make your propery look absolutely stunning with our selection of decorative gravels, stones and rocks. Our team is here to help you make a decision about what will work best for you, get in touch if you'd like any advice. You can make and order and comment that you'd like advice and we'll be in touch to go through it with you. You can give us a call (03 5442076) or you can email ( Either way, we're here and we'd love to help you with whatever it is you'd like to acheive.


Scoop: 0.3m3

Maximum Delivery amount: 3m3

Decorative Gravel, Stones & Rocks

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  • Once you've made your order, we will be in touch to confirm that everything is available and to arrange a good time for you to either come and collect your order from our premises (we have trailers you can borrow) or to receive a delivery. Please note that there are delivery fees, which we can discuss with you when we get in touch.

    If you need to get in touch with us please either email or give us a call on (03) 5442076. We're here to help. :)