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So many wonderful goodies for your garden and landscaping jobs. If we don't have what you're looking for, get in touch, we may be able to get it for you. We sell by the Bag, Scoop or Truck Load.

Gravels / Stones / Pavers / Edging

AP20, Con Agg, Crusher Dust, Sand - paving & dune,12mm & 19mm Pebble, West Coast 20/40 Pebble, Tasman chip - 12mm. 20mm & 40mm, Limestone Chip 20mm, Limestone Chunk - small & lg, Large Landscape Rocks & Boulders, Paving & Schist Slabs chm -XL

-Macrocapa & Old Bridge Beams
-Hardwood Timber - for garden beds
-Bridge Beams
3.2 $120 | 3.6 $130 |3.8 $140

Soils / Composts / Fertilizers

Bay Landscapes stocks Topsoil, our extra special Fish Compost mix and our Nitro Compost, Kinpac, Organic Omega 3 Enriched Compost and Hop Compost.

Stockist of Weatherfield Certified Organic Compost and Potting Mix.

We stock Natural Vinegar weed spray  and Gro Safe Sprays.

We have a new range of fertilisers in store: Fish Liquid Fertiliser, Horopito Mix, Omega 3 extract along with Seaweed and Mussel and Fish Meal/Flour. Need to clear your pond?? We have Barley extract!


We are the official  distributor for Ravensdown fertilisers. 



We have a variety of barks to choose from, each differing in size.


We also have a range of straws. We have these in big black bags, in very large bales and in small bales. Call ahead to check what is in stock. 2 for $5 Garden Mulch, Pea Straw (small & lg), Barley Straw and Wheat Straw (growing mushrooms). Peat by the bag or scoop and sphagnum moss in bags 500g - 3kg.

Red Clover arriving in March, 2020. Yes, we have pet bedding!

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